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Fate Into Destiny Founder
Margo Davis.

Fate Into Destiny was birthed from the truth that was uncovered during transformative sessions I had with my own personal life coach. I had unconsciously come to believe that my life choices were limited; that my FATE was predetermined by a set of circumstances that I inherited, and that the direction of my life was out of my control. In other words, I had accepted that my life was DESTINED to be like many of the people in my life who had become complacent and content with their life “as is”.

Now, I realize and accept that my DESTINY is MY CHOICE. I am committed to consciously choosing to love and honor myself by saying “Yes” to my life; by powerfully standing in full expression of who I am, all of who I am becoming, and a resounding “Yes” to my life’s purpose to express love in a world that is filled with unlimited possibilities. As Michelle Obama says, I’m choosing to say “Yes” to living my life out loud!

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Margo Davis

I truly believe that each of us have a gift and a purpose that we are meant to share with the world. It is my passion and my purpose to encourage others to embrace the process of divinely loving and honoring “all” of themselves, and to purposefully listen from within to reveal and awaken their own gifts…their passion…their purpose!

As a child, and as an adult, I often remember fantasizing about the person I would be when I “grew up”, and what my purpose was in life. I’ve always known that I was drawn to helping people…to making them feel better…to lifting them up, and to making them smile. And, I absolutely loved how these experiences made me feel inside! I had no idea the very thing that made me feel good inside…my passion…could actually be my purpose.

Today, I am honored to serve as a partner in transformation with women and men who are ready to identify, understand, and overcome the habits…the behaviors…and the thoughts that have kept them from fully experiencing the life they desire. I do this by applying the intense training I’ve received as a certified Blueprint Shadow Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Relationship Workshop Facilitator, and a Peer Recovery Supporter.

I am also a certified Holy Fire® III World Peace Karuna Reiki® Master which allows me to offer services to enhance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of others in-person and online. Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.

I am extremely grateful to share the love of serving others with my husband, Michael, who for more than 30 years, has used his lived experiences to support those who are challenged with addictive behaviors. Michael is also a certified Personal Development Coach, Relationship Workshop Facilitator, Peer Recovery Supporter, and a Second-Degree Reiki Practitioner.


Together we can

We use our personal life experiences as well as our impeccable training to serve as your wellness guides.  We are here to be your partner in transformation… supporting you as you tap into your purpose and passion… encouraging you to reach for your dreams.   You are our why!

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The practitioners at Fate Into Destiny Wellness Center are certified to practice and/or teach within their particular modalities. The staff does not claim to be medical professionals or claim to cure any medical conditions. Holistic and alternative care can be complementary to any traditional treatment plan.

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